Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nostalgic Idot Box…

What to say about this one friend of mine he is with me since long in every glad and pain. Oh my my how loyal he is to me from my childhood to till, he is my best fren. I goes back I those days to watch the favorite serials and cartoons when there was only doordarshan . Memories of the whole week wait for my fav cartoon Heman still thrills me a lot. Offcourse now this fren has changed it looks a lot still I feel his closness to my heart. Those was the Sundays of childrens and today also it is a Sunday wen I m writing this lines, nowadays also I use to dedicate my every Sunday’s to make my frenship lill strong, as of now only the category of programs have changed. Now I watch news instead of cartoons, so I can say we both are changing in our own ways.

I remember the classes of Monday’s where we usually remain busy in sharing the gossips- stories and preferred to stay in fairy tales, now there also must be the same scene goes on in the schools only the benchers have changed. It may be some years later wen I will not be here ,,, but my fren will still be at his service some more sizzled in his actions. Really fren I enjoy ur company and miss the old days wen we were introduced to each other.

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