Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wont pay !!!

After fires of revolution in Egypt and Libya, Greece witnesses a new campaign- I Wont Pay! Citizens of Greece have refused to pay for higher road tolls and other Government charges. It’s the people’s refusal to pay for the mistakes of the government that has squandered the nation’s future through corruption and cronyism.

The scenario in India is more sarcastic here even we don't know how many types of taxes we are paying, unfortunately nobody is concerned regarding this and also no government machinery is serious to bring about a change. our hard earned money is getting squeezed in form of n number of taxes and in return what we are getting is more irritating, its the thousand crore scams acknowledgment through media and other sources. Due to this malfunctioning taxation policy industrialists are indirectly encouraged to hide their income and government is sharpening its knife on common taxpayers neck in a silent way. why their is no policy for 100% seizure of black money can anyone tell me? why there is a same taxation policy in this whole country whereas the lifestyle and expenditure pattern is very much different? in metros like delhi ,mumbai kolkata etc the routine life expenses are on very much higher side so is it a justice to give them same tax free slab as of the citizens of B or C class cities... why the tax rebate is not based on the inflation rate? who told this governments to save their money by developing infrastructure through PPP mode and to collect toll's forcefully ? we are jokers and puppets so only we are not standing against this malpractice .

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