Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Running Behind The time!!!

Well what is left to say about me but some of the facts which are the pillar of my life are love, respect, ambition and dedication. when i was school people used to ask me as usual question which is asked mostly to any children , that what i wanna become - a simple answer was from me was a politician or a business tycoon . i never tried to become engineer, doctor or any other professional but always tried to become a politician or a business tycoon as this two tags are favorite in my life as this two things can keep me alive after my death. So i can say the main motto of my life is to remain alive after my death as a identity as a name.

sometimes my surrounding's ask me for what i am running for whom i am running and why to run can't i live a normal life again i give them a very simple answer that i m not a normal person so how can i live a normal life. with all due respect sometime my thoughts hurts my loving caring wife and parents but really i am helpless as the time is running so fast and i feel i a lagging quite behind. i don't want to stand in the station looking towards the missing train but always want to travel in the train. its my passion to be in the race always and i also enjoy becoming spectator of any race.

i wake everyday with new plans in my mind and without any regression of changing my nature as i feel its perfect to sustain. as this race also be termed as "survival of the fittest" so i m in a mode of becoming fittest.

i had lost many things in this path of journey and yet ready to loose some more things as i know success needs sacrifices. so i can say i m just running behind the time with a hope to come ahead of the time very soon. when opportunities and success will start following me.

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