Wednesday, December 15, 2010

who is nira ?

The question that who is nira radia is coming in my mind since last few days and strikes me more every time when her wealth is disclosed by media. Really its so easy to become healthy wealthy and famous in our PIOUS INDIA. moreover i can bet on it that watching nira,barkha and veer sanghvi's property list many would have started to follow them. i was listening the tapes on youtube today in the morning ooooooo god how they are selling........its a mind blowing skill of selling and buying national interests even i heard RATAN TATA he also sounded quite energetic in his age to buy some more of country's stake for some less.

surely i can say nira radia is a offspring taken birth because of illegal relation of administration , industrialists and media. still she is trying lot to manage the show which is already over. really its pathetic to hear this sort of things from the mouth's of so called gullible journalists. its also is clear now that who are having the steering of the nation in there hands.

Instantly another question also comes in mind that who will be penalizing this acts as no one is worthy to do. so is the government going to call the maoists to punish this acts as they are still out of this game or a simple cbi investigation is enough to secure our hard earned tax money.

its completely a black out situation where no-one is able to answer this simple questions how nira invaded in 1995 and becaomes a multi millionaire in just few years.

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